01 juli 2008

ABC Wednesday - X

Today the letter is X.

This is a VERY difficult letter, I startet at L- and this is the worst so far..

But I came up with this:
X-ray of my teeth.

Xylitol, sweetener in my candy.

Our Xmas tree.

Oh no! How or what is X???


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26 kommentarer:

Petunia sa...

Skjønner ikke hvorfor du klager på at det er vanskelig... Du har jo løst det så bra!
Jeg stod helt fast og tok en kjapp biltur rett før jeg la ut innlegget...Ja, ikke bare for å ta dte ene bildet. Jeg handlet i samme slengen. Man tenker jo på mijøet også...
Bra innlegg, Kjersti!

Petunia's ABC

reader Wil sa...

So far can I say that you have real X-words. Like Petunia says, You have no reason to complain and to say that it was difficult. You are very clever!

RuneE sa...

Her ser det ut som om flere tenker i samme baner!

Denise sa...

Gosh! How educational! LOL! I will show Wilma this!

esnorway sa...

ja fine x temar du har der

Forgjengelige ting sa...

You did very well!!

picturing sa...

wow...difficult x letter but you have lots of x photos ^__^

Please visit mine also in here Thanks

Juliana RW sa...

excelent X post

Mine in here. Thanks

Petrus sa...

Good selection of X photos - thank you ..

Max-e sa...

You have certainly let your imagination run with this one.And no fillings I see :)

John sa...

Meget bra X post kjersti!
Det var ikke lett, men det løste du meget bra.

Dragonstar sa...

Clever collection of X words. Very well done.

Granny Smith sa...

What a clever round-up of Xs! I agree that this was a difficult letter to use. I had to go to the dictionary - and then found that I had already taken photos that would fit an X word.

Your EG Tour Guide sa...

You found lots of X-cellent Xs! ;-)

Mam sa...

Oh, good job!

Jerez sa...

Such clever folks....

Love it you must have won cause you have so many x'es!
I thought of posting my X, but ..nah!

Gary sa...

The best yet - excellent X's


Bodge's Bulletin

me ann my camera sa...

These are all great ideas for X!!
ann at:
varying seasons
nature tales and camera trails

Texas Travelers sa...

It's Wednesday....
You've made a play.
"X" marks the spot,
And I like yours a lot,
It's really fine....
Come visit mine,

Troy (author of bad verse)
Martha (better half)

Kelly sa...

Some very original X's! Great job!

Judy sa...

Very well done. :)

AphotoAday sa...

Well you say you were having problems with X, but you pulled it off quite successfully...   I wonder what Xylitol is, anyway...

Gary sa...

I love the algebra.

leslie sa...

WOW! I am impressed at how many Xs you came up with. Although I'm late, I did manage a little post.

Lille meg sa...

Jeg er kjempeimponert! at det går an å få til SÅ MYE på X!
Du tar prisen denne gangen, garantert!....Jeg hadde ikke kommet på en eneste, tror jeg.
Ha en god uke!

喜洋洋 sa...